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Don't Miss Out On Your Rewards!

The Bike Lane Ride Club Rewards are only sent to you inbox once a year.  If we don’t have your most current email address, you will miss out.  Not sure we have the correct email?  Give us a call or email us to ask the Sales Associate to update your email address in our database.  

Earn 5% back in in-store credits to use annually on anything we sell!  You'll receive your 5% back in February.  We are making it simple.  Every time you make a purchase, we will record your sale.  In February you will receive your in-store Redemption Coupon via email (make sure it is up to date)!  

If we have your email address, you are automatically enrolled you when you make an in-store purchase. Ride Club Redemptions can only be used for in-store credit during the redemption periods and may not be redeemed for cash. Redemptions do not accumulate from one redemption period to the other.  If you do not use your 5% redemption it will not roll over into the next redemption period. 


What purchases qualify to earn Ride Club rewards?

All of your purchases (not including sale tax) will earn 5% toward your Redemption Coupon.

When can I redeem my Ride Club Redemption? 

Every February.

How will I know how much I have earned for my Ride Club Redemption? 

You will recieve an email (please make sure your email stays current) from The Bike Lane in February with your total amount in a redemption coupon. You will have a limited time (usually three weeks) to use your redemption. Want to know how much you have earned? You can inquire at the shop at anytime about the amount of redemption you have on your account.