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The Bike Lane strives to give the best customer service possible.  We believe every customer should feel welcome and comfortable in our shops.  Below are a few emails we have recieved from happy Bike Lane customers.  We hope we make you feel this way as well.  We want to know how we are doing.  If we made you happy please let us know why and if we didn't, we want to hear that too.   We can't improve unless we hear from you.  Thanks for visiting us.  We look forward to riding with you in The Bike Lane. 

Please send comments to

Customer Testimonials:


Just wanted to thank you for helping me.  If you didn't hear, Sean helped my pick out the Stache 8.

I am very impressed with the integrity of you, Todd, and your staff.  Your competitors in the area were happy to put me on bike's that would have been overkill at this time, for more than twice the cost of the Stache 8.  Sean was very helpfull in advising me on all the options I didn't need to spend money on at this time.   That is greatly appreciated.




I had a fantastic experience today buying my first road bike. I'm pretty intimidated by the sport, but Wayne never treated me like I was stupid. No question was too dumb! During my visit I also watched all the sales people friendly greet customers and provide lots of help in an experienced but not condescending manner. Sometimes that's hard to find in specialty sport shops! You guys have a great tone.  

Thanks again for a great experience, and I look forward to more!


I'd like to make a kind word about one of your employees: Daniel, a mechanic at your Reston store.

I brought my Trek bike in to get the brakes adjusted. Not only did Daniel see me right away, but also he went above-and-beyond in checking out the bike. He adjusted the brakes, but he also went ahead and adjusted the derailleur when he found it faulty. He also wiped excess lube off my chain (which was my fault) and he wiped and polished the bike. I was stunned at the great service I was getting because, as you probably know, great service isn't common nowadays.  Daniel was also useful in suggesting new lube that I should use instead of my old one.

I imagine the only time people e-mail you about mechanics is when something goes wrong, so I wanted to let you know that one of yours is doing something right. Kudos to Daniel.



Dear Todd,

I wanted to send you a note and say how awesome Wayne is.  I called around to get information and he is the only one that took the time to look to see if the bike I wanted was available.  So I drive an hour to see him and he could not have been nicer.  And just so you know I bought the Trek 7.7 2013.
He’s a keeper!!
Have a great weekend.

Hi Todd,

 I just purchased a 2013 Domane from the Springfield store. Wayne and Zack were my sales representatives, and I want to pass along to you that I had an excellent experience working with them.

They were both very courteous, friendly, knowledgeable and patient.  I mention patient because I visited the store several times to decide what bike would work best for me. Wayne, Zack and I discussed numerous bike options and I rode several bikes, and they were patient and helpful throughout the entire process.

A number of my colleagues at work are big cycling enthusiasts who ride regularly and they gave me lots of well meaning advice, to include visiting other stores.  However, through my experience with Wayne and Zack, I felt that I was getting knowledgeable, professional and candid advice and so,  I never felt that I needed to go elsewhere.  I also live relatively close by in Burke Centre, my son purchased his bike from Springfield BikeLane, and you carry a wide variety of bikes, so that helped too.

Again, I enjoyed my experience at Springfield BikeLane.  Wayne and Zack are super representatives for the company, and I look forward to staying with them and Springfield BikeLane to maintain my Domane. I also will reach out to them when I am ready to purchase my next bike.  J

If you have any questions about my experience you are welcome to contact me.


I'm a local in Reston and enjoy the luxury of being able to walk to the shop for bike repair, goodies and to enjoy the Saturday AM shop ride.
Kudos to your staff, which are all friendly, helpful, and enjoyable people.  Adam was one of the first staff I got to know and have been very impressed with his focused attention to those he is helping.  While I've been at the mechanic service counter, I've seen him in the back giving 100% to the customer, when I'm quite sure he is aware that there's a lot going on out on the floor and that he could be a part of a casual chat about the latest gear, event, or beer.  In stead he gives his customer the attention that is deserved.  He is also focused with on-the-floor customers and gives a nod of the head to acknowledge me, while maintaining the conversation/assistance with the customer.
In this day of age where we are all bombarded by trinkets that seem to be designed to limit our ability focus on any one person or topic longer than a half-minute, the quality of service seen at the Reston Bike Lane is appreciated.
Kudos to your team!

Hi there,

I was in the Bike Lane today in Reston and I had a great experience, both with the mechanic and the salesmen who helped me.  I wanted to let you know your staff have earned a loyal customer.

Thanks for the great experience.


Good morning,

I just wanted to write to you to let you know what a fine job your Reston store does on a consistent basis.  As I myself am part of the customer service industry I understand that communication on a job well done is just as important -if not more so- than a customer complaint.  I purchased my bike back in November of 2011, and Adam was incredibly attentive and helpful in making my decision.  Since then Rich had been my bike mechanic and has helped me out with all of my general maintenance issues, and accessory help.  He is always able to make my bike ride like new even after I do something stupid to it.  Every time I walk into the Reston store I feel like I am treated like an important customer, and quite a few of the other employees know me by name.  I love the community feel, and I hope you are part of the Reston community for at least as long as I am able to ride a bike = )  Keep up the good work!